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Cisgender female. 19 years old. Theatre Student. Vegan.

Haven't been around for long, but I feel older than I am, spiritually speaking. I'm just an old soul trapped in a young being I suppose. General Note: My blog. My space. My beliefs. Got a problem? Deal with it. And if you can't cope, unfollow me stat.

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Elliott Smith - I Better Be Quiet Now

  Social anxiety is on my mind constantly, crippling any chance of the formation of healthy thoughts about social interaction. Even if I don’t appear to be having difficulty, or even if I am managing well, I still feel out of place. And if there are efforts made on my part that allow for people to get a sense of who I am, the effort feels as though it was done in vain. People either don’t know how to respond because they think it is so unlike me to be any other colour than a bland, mediocre beige on the social interaction/personality colour spectrum… or that I am just strange.

  I can’t say I have any defining qualities/characteristics that make people feel they know what kind of a person I am. At least, I can’t say I know what they are. What are they? Where are they? If they are there, I’m still trying to unearth them. If I were an archaeologist on a soul searching dig, I can say I come back at the end of the day empty handed. Every time. Let’s say an individual was asked to give a rough idea of me. Oh, J. is nice, I guess. Anything else? With a look of perplexity, whoever the person in question may be would tell you that there isn’t anything that they could put their finger on. 

  I’m so outside of myself. I’m just the curious observer, looking from the outside in and never feeling 100% involved. I’m always somewhat withdrawn, even if I am “actively engaging” in discourse. I don’t really feel I leave any sort of mark. I’m just passing through, like a ghost, unnoticed and insignificant to my peers. Perhaps my friends, too. 


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10,000 dogs were killed in American shelters today. For 10,000 others, this is their last night alive. Stop breeding, stop buying. Seriously. Just stop.

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Chem trails are real. Too. Many. Chem trail. Deniers. 


when you accidentally befriend someone annoying and you can’t get out of the friendship


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